Saturday, February 07, 2009

"the big bang theory"

To have bangs or not???? My Priss (after an entire year of begging) is getting to grow her bangs out. I do not know why I feel as though her childhood hinges on bangs- maybe it is because Cooner insisted that I keep my bangs until after my senior pictures. Then she made me cut another set for my brother's wedding 3 years later. They are a crutch for me you see. Only I cut her hair- (every 3 weeks like clockwork). I mean... what will she NOT need me for next??? Does anyone out there know how I feel? Well you decide.....

does anyone have any ideas for ways to wear the (un-kept I want
to be grown-up, I'm growing my bangs out hairdo)???

Kristy is having a BOY!!!!
Brooke is having a BOY!!!!
Jodi is not finding out (how in the world could you wait??)
Michelle finds out next week.....

ALL are doing great- please keep them in your prayers...............

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