Friday, February 13, 2009

"V-Day present..."

We have a busy day ahead- so my post will be short and sweet. Ashton & I are off to Josey's party @ school. We hope you have a FABULOUS Valentine's Day!!!!!!

Ashton opening Cooner & Papaw's care-
package. what FUN!!!!!!!!
couldn't you just eat him with
a spoon???????

Miss Priss ALL grown-up - or so she thinks...
(notice the head-band) She politely asked to wear it- "Momma
I have waited my whole life to wear one". It really is
the little things that mean so much to them!!!!

this is a sneak-peek into our
super fun & super fancy
Valentine's Dinner tonight.........

p.s.- Harris Teeter has buy 1 get 1 free strawberries...... and they are de-lish!!!!!!!!


  1. How did dinner go, what did you end up making,other than those delish strawberries!!

  2. this is jenny by the way, not sure why it says "john" on there??????

  3. do the words: candle light & party dresses mean anything to you? We had a FANTASTIC dinner- what fun being FANCY with my sweeties.....