Thursday, February 12, 2009

"quick tips"

If you are anything like me- time is precious and planning is key. I have started trying to plan my meals ahead- thus leaving more time for enjoying my family with less stress. LUNCH- seems to be the biggest stressor somehow. I am always scrambling to make something quick & healthy for Josey & Ashton - and Joey loves left-overs.... I began alternating making a bowl of sandwich spreads once a week- (pimento cheese, tuna salad, egg salad, or the family favorite- chicken salad). I am going to pass my recipe on to you- I promise that it is a crowd pleaser!!!!!

1. rinse, boil, & chunk 3 chicken breasts.
2. add above ingredients: red grapes, poppy seed
dressing (secret ingredient), 2 table spoons of low
fat sour cream or mayo, and nuts- any variety.

Next serve if up with something yummy-
we love it with pumpernickel bread, on top
baby greens, or on any whole grain cracker.

this is Ashton when the chicken salad
is all gone..........

what do ya'll to for quick meal planning?

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