Friday, February 27, 2009

"Friday night dinners"

Well since our fancy V-day night dinner we have started to keep with the tradition. Friday nights have been traditionally known as "date night" @ Harris House for years now. We used to get a sitter to come over and stay (while Priss slept- she didn't even know that we had gone). But that ended with bed rest, then came A-man- and "I just can't leave him Joey, he's still too little"..... soon turned into 1 yr later. I am fanatical about my children, I take them EVERYWHERE I go. When I go to dentist- they sit on my lap, when I go to the attic- they sit on the steps, and when I go to the potty- they sit on the floor (right by my feet)!!! I wouldn't have it any other way though- they will soon be big and too cool for me... Joey jokes that we have only been on 4 overnight dates in the last 6yrs- all of which we have flown in family to stay with the children- this is true. Also that I have a 20 point inspection that you must pass to watch my children (including CPR)- this too is true!!!! So in an effort to spice things up a little for everyone we do "Friday Night Dinner". I plan a menu, we get out the fancy china (even for pizza last week), we dress up (church dresses will do), we DO NOT answer the phone, and we relax and talk about our day. We do "round table". Joey asks us each "what was your high/low of your day"? Youngest to Oldest.... Ashton pipes up with "Caaar, juuuice, & tissss (kiss)", then Priss proceeds with an account of her day. Our evening ends with our night-time rituals, then Joey & I have movie night (Blockbuster-online is super cheap). I love this tradition- I hope that it lasts. It may sound corny to some, but it is super-d-duper effective for making family memories!!!!!!

(this was the first little apron
that I made for Priss.)

isn't this little smock precious?
Cooner sent it to her.

and of course one for him...
car soup anyone???

"Honor one another above yourselves....... practice hospitality." Romans 12: 10-13

p.s. I went to my first MIT (MOMS IN TOUCH) meeting @ Josey's school yesterday- what a huge blessing. If you get the opportunity to go/start one DO IT!!!!! It is an entire hour of praying for your children. When I picked up Josey from school she said "Momma I had the greatest day!!". "I know you did", I said. "How did you know????" she asked. "Because I was there praying for you and asking God to bless you" "WOW- He is a great listener!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she chimed in with all smiles.

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  1. Aww, i think that sounds like fun! Way better than going out to dinner. :) I love the tiny little picture of Josey in her apron-seems like yesterday...... You are such a great mom-your kiddos are very blessed to have you.
    Oh yeah, and I love the new background. Very sassy!