Friday, May 29, 2009

"where you live Fridays-4"

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well....it's Friday- which means we made it through the last week of school. Ashton & I are headed out to Josey's award ceremony. BUT..... first we are looking @ childrens rooms/nurseries @ Kelly's Korner. These just happen to be 2 of my favorite places in my nest. Hope ya'll enjoy..... Be blessed- have a great weekend!!!

We will start in Miss Prissy's quarters.....

when she moved out of her crib-
we had the bonus room converted
to a big-girl room!!!
complete with her precious
nursery crystal chandelier!!!

we lost our play room-
her new room is 1/2 play
& 1/2 room. I re-vamped an old dressing
screen to divide the 2 rooms. Behind
this screen is where all the magic
cooking, homemaking, baby dolly sleeping
reading, & memory making.....

Because this was our "bonus room"
it had to closet. I drew up a picture of
an armoire type closet for the builder-
@ first I got the look that I often see
on faces when I get an idea....
(I wanted it fancy with casters so that
I could move it as I saw fit). The walls of
the room are a funny "A framed" shape-
but it fits right up against it perfectly.
It holds everything including shoes & BOWS!!!

Her desk gets the biggest
work out though- it's drawers
are FULL of every kind of
craft supply know to man-
she is SOOO creative though
I love to see her work!!!

We used all of my childhood
furniture- Joey refinished
it & I couldn't be happier. I
had many great memories with
this little set too!!!

Next on to the A-man's pad......

His little living quarters is just that..
LITTLE- but he does not mind.
He only cares that his blanket
& cars are there when he goes to
bed & reappear when he wakes...

his Tee Pee- it hides
all the messy toys &
doubles as an amazing fort
for his GI-JOE guys

We used the same
crib for both of the children-
I still love it more than any other one!!
(not to be out-done by his sister-
I glued cars onto his chandelier
to make his equally as charming)

when #2 came along..
I wanted to try to use at least
something from #1, but that wasn't
easily done- I did however paint her
play house book shelf brown- he
doesn't even mind that it used to
be PINK!!! I'll never tell....

"But you Oh Lord are enthroned forever.... you are the same.... your children shall dwell secure forever....."
~Psalms 102~

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  1. I love all the little girl's furniture. The boy's room is too cute...I love the tee pee too.