Monday, October 26, 2009

"The ALL American Girl girls"

Well.... the play date was a huge success!!!! The girls had a ball & I'm pretty sure that they will remember this for LIFE! Little A-man (while semi-heart broken) learned to share his beloved Priss & I started a new project that I'll share later this week. Here are a few pics of the FUN FUN FUN...

This was the start to the day- After I fixed Lucy Danyell's hair (per her mother's request)- she found herself belted in the car so that I would NOT forget her!

The girls taking their girls for a little drive!-
They crack me up when they talk about these dolls- OH excuse me.. they are "American Girl Dolls" not just dolls!!! I really think that they will make excellent mommas one day. I pray that my Priss remembers ALL of these great times when she gets big & gets her turn?!?

A-man taking advantage of his sister's potty-break & catching a ride with Sami Grace..

so... I was thinking to myself- "self, what can I do really special for my grand-daughter-doll Lucy Danyell & her little friend Lizzie?" I know!! I'll make them Holy-Ween costumes....

(complete with Tu Tu's, masks, & wings)

I love that Priss LOVES playing dolls- I get to play right along with her!!! Have I mentioned how much that I am enjoying my kiddos right now? I LOVE these STAGES with them!!!!!

Ashton wanted NO part of the costume changes while we were suppose to be "babysitting" the dolls. He just got REALLY acquainted with ALL of Josey's arts & craft stuff....

p.s. a BIG thank you to Sami & Lizzie for coming out to spend the afternoon with us!!! We had a great time & can't wait to get together again really soon... Maybe next time we can get the whole gang together with Mia & Samantha???

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  1. Hello Ashly Hayes! This is your long lost friend from HS. . . .Carrie! Katie actually showed me your blog. . . .and I have been checking it out! You look great and you have a beautiful family! Check out mine at bischofspot.com.

    This is a great way to stay in touch! I have asked my mom how you were doing for a long time!

    Talk to you soon,