Friday, October 23, 2009

"Harris Happenings.."

Today is a busy day... but I wanted to share some fun happenings around Harris House....

I first heard of Soy-Yer Dough through my Aunt Betty, then I saw some of it @ the Apple Festival & bought some for the kiddos (they had completely sold OUT of it- so I ordered some). It came in the mail yesterday- the kiddos are having a BLAST with it... (& me too).

It is SO cool!!! It is completely safe enough to eat (although I wouldn't DARE tell my A-man), it doesn't dry out, & it smells like real fruit- so YUMMY!!!

(& the best part is- the inventor is from my little Hometown Bloomfield- how fun!!!)

I had to share Prissy's latest "self-portrait" & her first water color...
(I am going to frame this for Joey's office)

&... YES, I am sorry to report that we had a FREE flu shot clinic here this week... & did NOT advertise..... Priss held it in her room & the shots (and bandages) were ALL gone in 10 minutes!!! However NONE of my grand-daughter-dolls will be sick this flu season...

p.s. Priss & Lucy Danyell are hosting their first play-date of the school year this afternoon . She has been invited over to several & I think that it is our turn?!? We tried to get together over break, but some of her best buddies have been really sick lately- so this is a LONG time coming!!! I will post some pics next week... Ya'll have a BLESSED weekend!!!

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