Thursday, October 08, 2009

"the Apple Festival"

We are back from our trip to Indiana & we had a FABULOUS time!!!! I got a chance to go my little hometown's biggest event of the year- the Bloomfield Apple Festival. The children had a blast & I must admit.. I did too!!! I saw a lot of old familiar faces & sites. The town has grown & I can't help remembering some great times while growing up there. I got to catch up with some of my old classmates & see their kiddos. The food was greasy & YUMMY (just as I remembered it- ha ha). Here are a few pics from our visit with the Hayes'!!!

Priss going down the BIG slide-

Papaw & A-man coming down right behind her..

ALL 4 riding the dragon coaster..
Ashton thinks the WORLD of Tucker Shane!!!
(and I know that Tucker would take a bullet for Ashton-
he told me so- very sweet & seriously!!)

Uncle Travis riding the Carousal with my kiddos- he
is such a wonderful uncle to my children- they LOVE him!!!

we took a break from the festival for awhile &
enjoyed some of Cooner's special personalized
treats for the grand-kids.... she always does
something special for them- I hope that they NEVER
take her for granted- she is SO giving & thoughtful!!!

then we went back for more rides & MORE food.
Ashton wanted nothing to do with pictures- he just
wanted to ride the rides with Papaw & Uncle Travis!!!

I fell in LOVE with these handmade silver bracelets @
the festival... I had to get Priss & I a matching set!
(we may become trend-setters in NC over these)

finally it happened... Tucker suggested we go for a "ride"
@ Cooner & Papaw's? Against ALL my better judgement-
I heard myself say.. "okay?"
(this is Ashton in between turns with Uncle Travis
& Papaw- he just thought it was fun to sit on one
by himself- I hope he got that ALL out of his system??)
I must say that I grew up with these, but now that I know better!
I now know what I put my poor Cooner through for all those years!!!

then... we went the Apple Festival Parade
(the first parade for both of my kiddos- at least to this degree)

Ashton was not at all interested in the candy- he
just took it all in on Trav's lap & watched the Shriner's & until
tears streamed down his cheeks- not even blinking!!!

Josey joined in with the others- "I never knew that people
would give me candy for waving Momma"- was said multiple times!!!
(I hope that she doesn't try this on a normal day in B-town...)

p.s. we had such a wonderful time that we are thinking of making this a yearly tradition. Joey can't wait to come with us next year... & we can't wait to do it ALL again!!!!!!!! THANK YOU
Papaw, Cooner, Travis, Tucker, Jaylee, & everyone else for making our visit so fun!!!!!

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  1. Looks like you had an amazing trip North! I had to let you know that I made the mini bon bons for my small group at church and they LOVED them! I used chocolate chip instead of peanut butter cookie dough. Yummy! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!!