Monday, October 19, 2009

"back by popular demand.."

so... I said to myself, "self- how can I make the ending of Fall Break not so sad for Priss & make her excited about going back to school?"..... O-YA- we can make the little Pretzel-M&M Snaps!!!!

We e-mailed daddy to pick up 3 things:
1. Halloween M&Ms, 2. orange candy melts, & 3. square pretzels...

she VERY carefully placed each M&M on top of the candy...

Ta DA!!!!
She gets to take these little goodies to share @ school today!!
(& A-man gets to take some to his music class too!!!!)

p.s. see- ya'll thought that I was kidding about making these for EVERY occasion!!!!!! They are precious & fun for all ages- ANYTIME!!!!!!!! (if you forgot how- the quick recipe is on a past post..)

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