Saturday, October 17, 2009

"BOO-nana Pudding"

Joey & Me-
(with straight hair for a change) letting Priss take pictures...

Last night we had company over for dessert- so FUN!!! I LOVE entertaining & + I have been craving one of my MIL's Banana Puddings (hint hint for Thanks Giving ....)! Try this recipe & enjoy all the YUMMY-NESS without all of the sugar!!!!

BOO-nana Pudding

this is all you need (you can substitute most of the ingredients with sugar-free)
layer the wafers & bananas, then pour the pudding on top, &
finish it off with Cool Whip- LOTS

then.. top it off with something
(I used these little plastic flies from the Dollar Tree)

this is Josey waiting up to see the "cool people"
that her daddy said were coming over. She wanted to know what made them "cool"??-
Joey finally told her their secret- "they know Jesus too!" he said.
She was VERY happy with that definition of "cool".
"Hey! then I'm cool too guys"- she said twirling around in her new nightgown....

one last VERY up-close picture taken by Priss
(notice that she totally cut her daddy out of this one- ha ha)


  1. i love love love your hair my dear! :) its not fair you get to look g-orgeous both ways!and i love joseys new night gown! precious!
    love, kristy

  2. Love the straight hair!! And every princess needs a night gown as adorable as that one!! :o)