Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"a day OFF"

Today Ashton & I hanging out in our Pj's cooking up something YUMMY (I'll share more about it tomorrow). I just read this & it spoke to my soul-

"The fundamental mission of motherhood now is the same as it always was: to nurture, protect, and instruct children, to create a home environment that enables them to learn and grow, to help them develop a heart for God and his purposes, and to send them out into the world prepared to live both fully and meaningfully."

We are getting ready to watch
"It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"... Hope ya'll are doing something fun & relaxing today... but If not- stop what you are doing & join us!!!

p.s. if you live close come on over.... but you may NOT be wearing makeup OR real clothing... ONLY pj's. We can call it "Grown-up Spirit Day". "We've got spirit yes we do- we've got spirit how bout you?"... sorry I think I may have gotten a BIT carried away there????

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