Friday, October 09, 2009

"Muncie Southside Rebels"

Then... we headed north to see Joey's family. My MIL Jean ALWAYS goes above & beyond for ALL of us (even giving away her bed usually, but this time she shared it with a certain little 6 yr old I know?). She had the most delicious lunch prepared waiting for us when we arrived & of course the fun did not end there. She always puts small toys & other fun stuff in each of the children's rooms- Josey, although she says that she is NOT expecting anything, runs to put her things in her room- I think that I know why?? .. So sad but true they love being spoiled by Grandma Harris). We got to see both of Joey's brothers (Jeff & Jamie) & their families.
Here are a few pics from our awesome visit with the Harris'.

this is me holding "be be Paige" as Ashton would say- in the thickest southern voice that you've ever heard- totally precious though!! She is the newest Harris miracle & is such a handsome addition to our family!!
(she smells SO good- I (heart) her!!)

Josey & Paige
(2 of my favorite little Harris girls..)

here is A-man taking a piano lesson from my other favorite Harris girl- Allison or Allisony as Priss says (sorta catchy after you call her that for a solid 12 hr car trip...) I am so thankful that Josey has Allisony to look up to- she is such a pleasure to be around. Jeff & Carol are awesome parents- we love you guys!!!!

this picture SO reminds me of Joey with Priss..
the time goes by so fast. Michelle & Jamie have so much
to look forward to- they are so sweet to watch with her-she
is loved Loved LOVED!!!

Uncle Jamie & Aunt Michelle took us to the Jacobs' Family Orchard.. (sorry to report that due to an extremely BIG dog... Josey & Allison were not photographed. Not to worry though- Grandma Harris took fresh apple slushies & doughnuts to the car for them to nibble on..)

Paige with her 1st pumpkin from Aunt Carol..

Paige's daddy with numbers 2, 3, & 4-
he couldn't decide on which one so he chose 3.
I knew that he would make a terrific dad!!!

now this part is extremely important..
everyone who visits the orchard gets 1 FREE sample of these.. They are the BEST single thing that I have ever tasted!!!
if you are EVER near Muncie, IN- you MUST go here!!!!!
(they make them with fresh apples while you watch &
they are no kidding out of this world!!!)

Joey begging for a bite from A-man
(he really has NO shame when it comes to food)

THANK YOU to all the Harris'!!!! We had a splendid time with ya'll & can't wait to see you next month. I am So blessed to have married into such a delightful family- we all have the best times together. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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