Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"free-cycled bag holder"

I saw one of these in my friend's car & fell in love with it!!

~Travel Bag Holder Tutorial~

this is what ya need:
1 paper towel roll, plastic market bags, & fun card stock- not necessary, but very cute!! (you know that I have to add something fun to EVERY project)

cut a piece of card stock to fit & tape it onto the roll:

fill it up with plastic bags & put it in your car:
(you never know when you'll need one- I use them for trash, pull-ups, trash, school projects, & well... did I mention trash??) Just make one- you WON'T be sorry!!!!

p.s. guess who can now climb up to the bar all by himself??? YES you guessed it.... the A-man... poor Priss- can't you just see her crafting dreams crashing & burning already? This picture says it all!!!!! Ahhh the joys of a little brother.....

p.s.s. I promise to post more pics of the kiddos this week (sorry Cooner & Grandma Harris).

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  1. you are so creative honey!! my comments...well, not so creative. have a wonderful night in the Lord...

    your hubby