Monday, October 12, 2009

"Corbin the cutie-pie"

and... what trip to IN would be complete without dropping by my BFF Kristy's & seeing little Corbin Dean (my nephew in my eyes)????? He did NOT disappoint- he is absolutely precious!!!! The kiddos loved him @ first sight & one certain 2 yr old gave him his 1st high-5 (rather gently- lucky for the Corbster).... Kristy is such a WONDERFUL mother- I knew she would be! I only wish that we lived closer so that our kiddos could play together more....

I turned my back for 5 minutes to see Corbin's room- only to find my A-man trying his best to become Corbin's new BFF. What can I say??? He has impeccable taste in friends just like his Momma!!!!

2 of my favorite boys
(couldn't ya just eat those sweet cheeks??)

me with my 2 BFFs- I love these 2 girls!!!

p.s. she had this fantastic candle by Paula Deen that made me want to eat the walls (apple butter-pumpkin?)!!! She said it came from Wally- I am totally gonna get 1 on my next trip (which will probably be tomorrow- ha ha)!!! THANK YOU Dean, Kristy, & Corbin- we LOVE you folks tons too!!!!!!

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