Monday, March 02, 2009

"oh my monogram"

I do not know when it happened, but somewhere along the line I became completely obsessed with MONOGRAMMING!!!! I am, I admit it. Although I did not know it until my spring cleaning expo. I found bags, purses, stationary, napkins, towels, glasses, soap, a cooler (yes it has gotten that bad), umbrellas, pens, jewelry, and multiple items of clothing (by the way does anyone need anything with a J, JFH, JHF, or Josey on it- in a 3t, 4t, or 5t??).... But even after confessing this sin- I still LOVE the stuff. I DO!!! I find myself drawn to it again and again in the stores. I love the embroidered look, but my machine will not produce such a beautiful thing. Soooo I started painting things... LOTS of things to support my habits. First some wall art, then a shirt for Priss, and now I am painting Tea Towels. It is so EASY and very very inexpensive. I found some plain white towels from Wal-Mart then embellished them - they turned out great. Homemade gifts are the best to get & give- wouldn't you agree????
the only problem is- they are
too cute to use!!!!!

Josey was very quick to point out that all the "name stuff" has gotten a little out of control. I hope that Joey doesn't hear her say that!!!!!!!!!! Speaking of her, I think that I may be getting phased out as her BFF. However she did say "she just couldn't help it, she had to love me more today"!!!!!!!-

this is the ONLY picture that I got to
take @ Sabella's b-day party. A-man
was BUSY BUSY and the girls had a ball!!!

Please keep Jodi B in your prayers- she has been having some tachycardia (high heart rate) issues. Pray that God would grant her peace and rest now- knowing that the almighty physician is holding her in the palm of His hand.

"God is able to do immeasurably more than all you could ask or imagine"
Eph 3:28

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  1. okay, so I have finally gotten on to see the picture(HM quickly pointed out how "sweet" they looked at the party in their stripe pink dresses=)
    Ephesians 3:28 is one of my very favorite verses, it reminds me how BIG He is and just how SMALL I am that I could only imagine His power.