Monday, March 09, 2009

"nursery know-how"

Alright, now calm down. I have gotten many e-mails, phone calls, and comments over nursery how-dos. So this is just for you "with child" gals! "Where do I start"?, you asked. Well start with gender, unless you are JODI C.!!!!!!- I am still baffled by that concept, but I digress. I waited to find out with both until I planned their nurseries. I chose neutral bones with Josey (ie- cream iron crib, cream chenille bumper pad, with a box pleat dust ruffle) then I went ULTRA girl. Grow-with rooms are the best choice I believe. These rooms really have no "theme" so you need not worry about getting rid of the baby stuff in a few years. I went with cottage roses & pink for Josey, then cars & tiffany blue/brown for Ashton. You will be in this room A LOT over the next few years, so I feel it is important to LOVE IT!! Also comfort is a MUST. Get a great chair- you will use it so much over the next years. I found an antique rocker/swivel chair for Josey's room- we still read in it daily. I opted not to get a changing table- for either. It loses it's appeal very quickly and it takes up lots of space. I used a ottoman then as a changing table- now I use it as .... well an ottoman. It along with a great chair are pieces of furniture that they can use forever. You can go bold with wall color (ie. stripes or one bold color on one wall), but I chose to bring the boldness in with versatile pieces. I like to change the rooms feel by changing out pillows, curtains, and wall art. Fabric is a great way to mix up textures and contrasts in any room. Now on to the lighting- this is key! You need a great overhead light, but also soft light for quiet times. I love dimmer switches and 3-way bulbs. They are extremely easy to install and are worth the effort. Also rugs add sooo much to any room. Whether or not you have hard woods or carpet- use a rug. It adds dimension and it outlines a designated space. I hope that I have helped you a little........ Here is a little peek at some of my favorite rooms in my house!!!

here is Josey's comfy
chair & ottoman.. it is really just an
old hand-me-down round ottoman
that I hot glued a pillow-top form to and
had it upholstered with great fabric & trim.

this is Ashton's take on the
same concept. It sets off my man-child's
room with a touch of masculinity! (and it
is very fun to climb & jump off of!!!)

In her room I used rich fabrics and silks. I
love crystal chandeliers- so of course she has one.
I brought ALL the same fabrics, blankets, pillows,
& curtains from the nursery to her big-girl room.

she went from crib, to toddler bed (I used
a twin bed with rails), and now to
total big-girl bed!! Notice the big-girl
blanket at the foot of the bed- that is what
constitutes a REAL big-girl bed in her eyes..
(I just happen to have one on my bed)

for his lighting- I used a floor lamp- this can
be easily moved to change the look of the room.
Then I bought a cheap chandelier. I sprayed it brown,
painted some very inexpensive shades blue to bring
that color into the room , and added match box cars to
make it non-girly for Joey!!!

now for storage.... you can
NEVER have enough... very soon
the room becomes filled with toys
and all sorts of must-haves. Plan
ahead! I had this bookshelf converted
to a 1/2 chest of drawers. I love it because
the drawers a very deep and he has instant
built-in shelves for future trophies- ha ha...

the best advice that I can give is...... do what YOU like. It is after all your baby and his/her room- and YOU know them best. They will love anything that you create for them. Babies are precious like that!!!!!


  1. thanks for the tips- but i think i need an "at home" consult! can you come over next week? Dean is out of town and i'm on spring break! how much fun would that be??

  2. Super cute rooms! Good job :)