Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Toile Tuesday"


Ok I am a toile-aholic & so when one of my favorite sites, Pretty Organized was hosting a toile-party... I had to go.... Please humor me by checking out some of favorite toile things. Joey once said "why does every room in our house have to have that old looking stuff (meaning toile)? Every grandmother in America would feel right at home here." To which I replied "and if she were a fellow lover of toile- she would be welcome with open arms!"

I have it-
in my foyer:
I inherited this chair from
my Grandma Sissy.
She liked toile before it was cool..

in my living room:
I re-covered this $5.oo chair with
red & white toile- now I have
extra seating to pull in for company.

in my bathroom:
I love this shower curtain-
I added length with ribbon
& of course the walls go
along with the theme.
I love that toile can be
people or flowers..

in my bedroom:
I love my cozy toile
bedding- perfect along side
stripes & plaid

in my kitchen:

this was Josey's first apron
that I made for her.
She too loves the stuff!!!
(did I mention it comes in
children themes too)
& in my closets:
matching skirts for girls
who love toile-
what a beautiful thing!!

fun fun fun- I need help from this addiction, but do not want any!!!!
go check out all the other toile-junkies......


  1. Your toile bathroom is yummy! I love that toile on your foyer chair!


  2. lovely... simply lovely...

    and might I add you and your husband have the best hair ever... Ever. ~ kim

  3. Hi Ashly,
    There are a lot of us toileaholics out there! Very addictive but it doesn't hurt anyone! Your toiles are wonderful! Love the chair. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Your Grandma Sissy was one hip chic! Pretty toiles :)

  5. I'm loving all the toile!! It's great to see how everyone is using toile in their homes. My husband says the same thing about toile. I told him, but I am a grandma! That shut him up. Love your toile!!!