Thursday, March 26, 2009

"take good care of my baby.."

well........ my Priss has been visiting Grandma & Grandpa Harris for the last few days, & my heart longs to see her. She is sorely missed around here. Ashton mopes around looking for her, carrying around some of her prize possessions (I think in hopes that she will jump out & bust him). I myself grabbed our chapter book last night just out of habit- she was not waiting for me on the bed as she always is to read it to her..... Anyway from what I have been hearing from phone calls & pictures from their days- she is is NO hurry to return. Do not think that I am above making ALL of her favorites to get back into her good graces upon her return??? A-man & I are making brownie sundaes for dessert tonight- with only 1 girl in mind!!! I thank GOD that He has given me such a gracious extended family. I love you Harris family- what I lucky gal I am to call you mine!!!!

is there anything more precious than a sibling's love???

Momma loves you guys more that anyone ought to be allowed!!!!!!

please keep my sweet travelers in your prayers today!!! May they have a safe & fast trip home to us......

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