Sunday, March 08, 2009

"an everyday thing"

This is a peek into my world as a Momma to Priss...... If you happen to know any of the hard ones- let me know???

"Momma what makes the sky purple? does God mix the red clouds with the blue ones?"

"why do some people not go to church"? didn't their parents tell them how important it is?"

"Momma are my fingernails age appropriate?"

"Momma what makes fog?" Cooner said you could cut it with a knife, what kind of knife?"

"if I eat all of this- will I get a cavity?"

"Momma do you want to see my new dance move?"

"if Ashton hits his head one more time, will we have to go to the hospital?"

"do I have to grow a baby in my belly? will you tell Jesus that I only want a girl baby? do you promise???? do you?"

"Momma when I get big can I be a eye doctor during the day, a ballet teacher at night, and a nurse on the weekend?"

"Momma do you want to see another dance move? now this one is really hard, do you want to try it?"

"how fast do you think I am running?"

"am I a fantastic colorer or what? do you want me to give you a coloring lesson?"

"Momma can I wear all of your shoes when I'm big? even the ones on the top shelf?"

"does God know that Ashton just pulled hair out of my head- does he know the new number now?"

"Momma do people that smoke have burned up lungs?"

"LOOK at this dance move- do you think it is better than the last one?"

"why do boys get to stand up and potty? don't you think that way would be cleaner?"

"Momma why don't people wear prayer shawls anymore?"

"why does daddy always drink coffee? didn't Grandma Harris tell him that it stains your teeth?"

"do you know how many monies it takes to buy this?"

"Momma do you love this dance move better than all the other ones?"

"Momma can I please use your lipstick? when can I use the eye stuff?"

"why did you change your shirt? I thought you said it didn't matter what you were wearing, your heart is what makes you pretty?"

"Momma are you suppose to do laundry today (Sunday) I thought we were suppose to be resting?"

"can I please have 2 desserts today? if sugar is so bad for you, why does it taste so good?"

"Momma what kind of tree is that? how old it is?"

"did you know that I am really good at gasketball (basketball)?"

"Momma do I have to wear sunblock this year? daddy said he doesn't wear any because he has hair on his arms, do you see this hair on my arms?"

"Momma did you check your blood sugar today? aren't you suppose to?"

"guess how much I love you Momma? can you see how far my arms are apart? I have grown since yesterday haven't I?"

who knew that an orange
slip existed?? BIG thanks to
Cooner & Daddy for the
fun package!!!!!!!!!!

"we must pay close attention to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away from it"
Hebrews 2:1

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  1. I love this picture and these comments by josey are absolutely precious! miss you guys!