Monday, March 23, 2009

"bright lights little city"

Today we (Josey, Ashton, & I) accomplished great feats. We started our day with a Broadway play (or Josey's latest) named "Indians From Indiana With North Carolina Manners Who Like Reading" (this very acclaimed play/musical starred ALL of my grand-daughter-dolls). We thoroughly enjoyed it & the beautiful costumes!!!!! Next we went on a boat (or laundry basket) trip around the world (or house). We ate lunch on top of a very high mountain (or pillow fort), then took a dip in the ocean (or tub) with our new swimsuits. I love imagining- I hope that the days of make-believe are still around for many years to come. Although it did start to rain on our journey. Josey quickly gathered ALL of our rain gear. Later as we were getting off the boat, I yelled "Oh don't forget your umbrella it's really starting to down pour!!!" To which she replied "Momma we are just pretending......."

here are some of our vacation pics from today:

this is the entire cast of:
"Indians From Indiana
With North Carolina
Manners Who Like Reading"

this is the very handsome
gentleman who shared the front
row with me @
the play....
(he got a little picture-happy)

this was from our very scary boat trip- (on the
It became very rainy & we
had to cut it short! (note the change
of clothing-lunch on a mountain
can be very messy!!!!!

this was our final destination The Beach!!!!
WE LOVE THE BEACH... I particularly love
this beach-
cause there is no sand to fight!!!!

have a great day ya'll- make some fun memories with your kiddos.... Did I mention that I LOVE Spring Break??????????

p.s. by the pics you can see that my family did not get to come. We are sad, but we understand. They are coming FOR SURE to A-man's b-day next month!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Sorry to hear your family couldn't make it down yet. But it looks like you had a fantastic day. It is spring break here this week and I am pretty sure there is a trip to the beach on our agenda too!
    Keep the great posts coming- love them!!! :o)