Monday, March 16, 2009

"life lesson #1"

I am forever trying to teach my kiddos something in everyday situations. It is so important to start while they are young with "leading by example". Hard, but so true- they are watching our every move. I listen as Josey disciples her dolls, saying "now Momma loves you, but you may not behave like that". I laugh inside at the sound of her on the monitor, but more than that I am proud. Ashton, though still very small and still very much in his "training phase", displays his own versions of what he sees. He is very quick to point to his seat belt as soon as we get into the car (he knows that safety is big with me for him). Also he throws away anything tiny that he may find on the floor (he knows I would do the same if I found it). But the things about doing is... "whatever we do, we are to work at it with all of our heart, as though working for the Lord" Col 3:23. EVERYTHING that we do, we need to do it to the best of our abilities. If they see us just coasting by in life- they are going to think that it is enough. IT IS NOT ENOUGH!!! We are called to be like Him. Do you think that Jesus would prefer us to teach fullness to our children or just getting by???? I think that the latter makes Him sad- it sorta sounds lukewarm to me............

this is Ashton saying:
"I miss my family in IN!!"
hint hint.....

this is Ashton not being
able to hold in his emotions
anymore!!!!!!! He needs
IN folks- FAST!!!!

"Be wise in the way you act, making the most of every opportunity".
Col 4:5

PRAISE REPORT: Cooner is doing fantastic!!!! She is (of course) trying to do way too much, but is so glad to be feeling better...... Josey's appointment went better than I could have dreamed- thank you God for all of the blessings that you pour out. May we NEVER forget to give you ALL the glory!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hey Ash! I am so glad to hear (or read, rather) that Jackie is doing so well! Yay! Praise God! And I am so hoping she gets to come to N.C. this weekend.
    Loved your blog message today-it was good for this "coaster" to hear! :) love ya tons!