Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"make mine fancy"

Gift wrapping is one of my favorite things- I LOVE IT!!! I have been known to spend more time/money on the packaging than on the gift itself? Why bother? Do you dare ask? Because it says so much to the person receiving the gift. It says that you cared enough to spend extra time on them- that in itself is a gift. So you see- you could have been giving 2 gifts instead of 1 all of these years. Here are some of my favorite tips & ideas....

1. Super Fun Wrapping Paper- Dollar Tree has the best paisley, zebra, and other animal prints. They are sure to get attention with some funky hot pink or apple green ribbon.

2. Add textures- I like to add things to the bow like: cookie cutters, small toys (lip sticks, glow sticks, etc.), Art stuff (a sheet of stickers, pencils, pens, etc.), Jewelry- (Josey loves to get a bracelet or a ring on her gifts she always says "Momma make mine fancy"), baby items (rattles, precious ruffle socks, etc.), great kitchen gadgets (wooden spoons, Pampered Chef tools, etc.), & ornaments or candy canes @ Christmas time. I have used a jump rope for a ribbon for a boy & a feather boa for a girl- so fun!!!

I started with a pack of baby
wash cloths from the Dollar Tree. Roll
them up and tape the ends.

when it starts to look like something
you would want to eat-
wrap it with
plastic wrap,
add a baby spoon,
& tie
a fun ribbon around it!! I think
they turned out

3. Recycle- I have started recycling old cards/invitations (Christmas, birthday, baby, even thank you). Just cut out the picture on the front with fun scissors and add it to the gift. Save your old road maps- they are very "vintage" looking as wrapping paper. I also reuse paper grocery bags. I use them inside-out as wrapping paper. It is a quick fix for a masculine look- add a simple black ribbon with a Starbucks gift card tied to the bow (coffee is Joey's love language).
I save all of our coffee cans for treat containers @ Christmas. So sweet, easy, & best of all free!

these are all parts of cards
that I cut apart to use
as gift-tags...
(tip given to my by my dear
sister-in-law Carol)

I just added red & white spray paint
and polka dots of course. Priss made the
beaded handles for me. They were the perfect
container to hold our Holiday Goodies...

4. Be creative- try using a baby blanket as the wrapping paper. You can buy plain blankets @ Target that are super cute & great for swaddling. Also you could use a table cloth. My Mother-in-law used one on a wedding gift for us, I still love it. For summer B-days, I use sand pails as gift bags- they are cheap & cute.
My favorite things to add are Hair Bows- so perfect for little girls (and their mothers will love you).

this is a little gift for my niece-
with a new tricked-out Easter hair bow
from her favorite Aunt!!!!

5. Bag it up- I saw this idea on Martha Stewart. I just buy these plain plastic bags @ Michael's and add different colors of tissue paper and ribbon. Super Fast & Cute.

they come in 3 sizes- I usually get the multi-pack
(this is also a great way to wrap
a gift that you need to mail)

"let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven"
Matthew 5:16

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