Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"chic shower"

Babies are blessings in every way, no matter if they are your first or your fifteenth!!! So when my friend Jodi found out that she was pregnant, we (Catherine & I) knew we would plan a shower for her. I love parties- all sorts, but they can be a little overwhelming if you let them... DON'T!!!! Parties are meant to be fun for everyone. Here are some great tips for a super-fun Chic Baby Shower:

1. pick a venue: let the momma pick one of her favorite restaurants to house the event. This way there will be no setting up, cleaning up, tearing down, organizing of children, or meal planning for the event. Also linens and tableware are provided. We started doing this several showers ago- everyone loves it!!!!

2. Keep the guest list short & personal: This makes for great conversation for everyone. Also it means: fewer invitations + fewer favors + fewer desserts = cost efficiency (you can make things more fancy & chic for fewer people).

Catherine found these precious
baby diaper invitations- so that began our
"yellow" color theme

I decided to make these Yumm-O
brownie/cookies instead of cake.
(recipe from an earlier post)
With a touch of yellow ribbon & a
baby on top- they were the perfect
finish to our shower!!!!!

3. Use what you have: I know that everyone has card stock, construction paper, and ribbon laying around your house. Also everyone either has flowers in their yard, or knows someone who does. Great things can be created with little or no cost at all.
I used yellow/white checked
card stock to make these baby
booties- I just added some recycled
buttons and they turned out precious.
then I added some chocolate-
Jodi loves it!!!!

Catherine brought these
beautiful girls from her yard.
She arranged them & gave
them to Jodi to enjoy.

4. Great gifts: Because this is baby #3 and she already has a sweet daughter & precious son- she has most everything she needs. Ask the momma what she would like to have. Everyone likes to have "new things" for the new baby- spoil them. In our case Jodi wanted a new diaper bag. We asked all the girls (all 5) if they would like to go in on it? They of course agreed- so everyone is happy. They get to give her something she really wants, and she gets a fabulous new bag!!!!

here it is....
Jodi will be the envy of moms

5. Delegate!!!! I love to co-host because this means that I get to share responsibilities with someone else. We can plan together and between the two of us- we are sure to have anything we may need. Also this cuts down on time & costs for both of you.

Catherine & Me- partners
again. I am soooo glad that the
gave her to me. She is
always there
when I need her
& knows that I'd do the same

6. Go and relax..... It is not often that you get to celebrate such a miracle as a baby!!!! I had a great time getting out with the girls. I hope we have many more babes in my circle of friends- so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"our Girl-gang"
Jodi B, Jodi C (guest of honor), Me,
Catherine, & Michelle.
We missed you Tina...

please continue to keep Jodi lifted up in your prayers- she in on the home stretch, and that makes for some sleepless nights!!!!!!!!!!! May God richly bless her entire family (Heath, Lydia, & Noah) so they can all be ready for their new addition.

We can't wait to meet you baby:
Alexandria or Peter????

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