Monday, March 30, 2009

"it's a Spring thing....."

ok so it's like 42 degrees outside, but I got the itch..... I had to hang our Bunny & clip some tulips. I LOVE spring. It is such a beautiful site everywhere- the pear trees are in full bloom here, the birds are out, & my kiddos are begging for the swing set!!!!!!!

I found this teapot @
a thrift store for $7.oo
(it has a small hole in the bottom
but who uses them for tea anyway?)
I cut off the bottom of a H2O
bottle for a vase inside...
now you know one of my
dirty little secrets....
(keep this in mind, if you see a great deal)

I bought this little beauty
on sale after Easter last year!!!
(if you look close you can see
2 tiny bunnies on my new lamp-
they were mine from my childhood.
Well one was for Travis, but I stole his.
I bet that he isn't even missing it!!)

my A-man is a big-time snacker. He loves to carry a bag of anything around with him ALL the time. I like for him to eat healthy so... I came up with this little pantry-party-mix. I guarantee the kids will LOVE you for it!!!

I added some:
raisins, pretzels, cheerios, gold fish, dried cranberries, almonds, & animal oyster crackers. (add whatever you have in your pantry- all of the things that you love together.. what could be better??)

p.s.- I have a list of supplies to get then.... I am gonna be in full CRAFT MODE!!!! get your sewing machines out & your scissors handy........ We are gonna make some of the cutest things ya'll have ever seen!!!!!!


(hope ya'll enjoyed your unplugged Friday-
thanks Kimba!!)

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