Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"my once upon a times"

I love reading to my children- it is one of the few times a day that they will sit down quietly on my lap and let me smell them!!!!! Have you smelled your children lately? It is such a sweet & familiar smell- Joey and I love it!!!!!! We are creatures of habit, so with that being said, they choose the same books- over & over & over!!!! Josey can now almost read some of our favorites by memory. She is quick to point out "sight words" that she has learned from school. I still can't believe that she has learned to read in kindergarten???? I believe that the person that coined the phrase, "I learned everything that I really needed to know in Kindergarten" was partly right! Anyway here are some of our favorites:

"I'd Be Your Princess"
precious book about admiring godly
character between a father & daughter.
(from Aunt Michelle & Uncle Jamie)

"I'd Be Your Hero"
another precious book- this one between a
mother & son. Both make me cry!!!
check out my little eager-reader's dimply hands..
(also from Aunt Michelle & Uncle Jamie)

I L-O-V-E this one-
it dialogues between child & mother
all with animals- great pictures to boot!!!
(this was a gift from Cooner)

this is are "old stand-by"
we have read every story at least
100 times- but I still love:
"the 12 little girls
in 2 straight lines,
that leave the house
@ half past nine!!!"

what do ya'll read to your little ones?????

"Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children."
Eph 5:1


please keep the Huge Family in your prayers again- they still have the crud and are headed back to the doctor's office today. Pray for continued health for the well-ones and speedy recoveries for the girls. I know how draining it is when sickness hits the children- I pray blessings over Jenny and that God would hold her up when her body feels like falling down. May He grant all of their provisions in Jesus name- and the whole Harris family says "AMEN"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Sit? Quietly? Lap? Each of these are rare enough - not sure if I've ever actually witnessed all these simultaneously. Proof once again you are a way better parent than I. - Joey