Thursday, March 12, 2009

"the alphabet game"

We have nightly bedtime rituals that must be completed every night: bath-time, "Saved by the Bell"- don't ask!!, chapter book reading, Bible time, prayer time, teeth brushing, and the "alphabet game". So last night when Joey was gone- we played an extra long version of the "alphabet game"- this came consists of choosing a letter of the alphabet then saying 3 words that begin with that letter. We usually do 2 rounds each, but I decided to humor Priss by allowing 4 each- to which she said "you are the best Momma ever!!!!" I think that it was worth it. The great thing about the game is that she thinks it is just a game, when actually it is teaching her too. So on my last turn I threw out the ever-popular "V"- no one likes that letter. I can hear the groans even now as I am remembering back. She looked around (we both lay in her bed while playing). I too was thinking in my head what I would say. My silence was broken with these 3 answers: "vindicated, vehicle, & vacant! How about that Momma?" You can imagine my utter surprise, my meager response was: "vet, very, & van..." "Good job Momma, next time try to use a compound word ok?" I guess I need to sharpen up on my vocabulary..............

They love their bath robes!!!
and I love the sound of their
tiny feet running around after
bath-time!!! I wish that I could
pause this time for a little while!!

"Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth."
Matthew 5:5

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