Thursday, March 05, 2009

"love for our Father"

My Ashton loves cars, sticks, rocks, dirt, and ALL things BOY!!!! It's so funny how God makes them? I remember praying when I found out that I was having a BOY!!!! I prayed "Lord please make my bold for you, help me to shape his life- making him fear no man or thing- but YOU alone". You see I have a super girly girl (and you know the apple did not fall far from that tree). I wasn't sure even where to begin with him, but he just fell into his role. He first picked up a hairbrush and turned it into a gun. Next came his "loving" ways. He is a rough lover- he knocks you over with his bear hugs and he busts lips & foreheads with kisses (all accidentally). He is just rough- this is such a new concept for us girls (Priss & I). Even Joey is amazed of his bruit strength!!!! He moves furniture around- things way TOO heavy for me let alone him. His ways are very irreverent but so sweet and innocent. He does however have a little of his mother in him. Each day, when Joey takes Priss to school, he lines up his cars and makes sure each one in perfectly spaced between the other. I secretly delight in his perfection- I love to see his plan coming together and his excitement when they are ALL in place. Next it is just about nap time. He knows that they have to be picked up and put away. I wait as he meticulously adds one at a time to his arms- not to drop even one. I think that he and Jesus have this in common. Jesus is holding us each in his arms- not letting even one fall. If one little car happens to fall- he does not hesitate to stop everything to go back to rescue it. I wonder if those little cars know how lucky they are. I am quite sure that you and I have NO idea how blessed we are to be securely held in God's arms. As I watch him- I am reminded of the only thing that could ever make him drop his arm load??? The garage door....... when Joey gets home and the door sounds- no matter where/what Ashton is doing, he will drop it to see his daddy. What an awesome parallel- would you be willing to drop everything for Jesus? Scripture says "I tell you unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven" Matthew 18:3. Raising up my man-child has been such a blessing to me. I think that I see Jesus in him more everyday......

my 2 mighty men of God!!!!!!!!!

"the righteous are as bold as a lion"
Prov 28:1

let me remember this- Ashton dropped and broke one of my favorite dishes this morning and an entire bottle of perfume yesterday..........

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