Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"courtesy of the Cookout"

We had a WONDERFUL day yesterday!!!!!!!!!! Life gets so busy sometimes, that we forget to slow down.. Since we have NO family here- we think of our friends as just that. We met as newly weds, had our babies together- (I can't believe that they will be 6 & 7 yr olds soon). They however have moved on without us to #3 & even a #4 child..... I'm OK with that though- GOD knows just what we need!!!!!! Hope ya'll had a great day off. Here are some of our party pics....

this is our
themed set-up!!
(I love the Dollar Tree...)

this was our YUMMY spread-
I love to have Pitch-Ins.
this way nobody gets overwhelmed
(unless their husband in on-call & gets
called away 3 times during the party..)

this is the kiddos-
playing & patiently waiting for everyone to arrive..
TO EAT!!!!

I love this view of the outside kid's table
that Joey made.
It is perfectly suited for the
plastic "school" chairs that Priss has
collected over the years....

the ONLY way to tear the A-man
from the playground...
is ...

this is Ashton & Christin
after a LONG day of: playing, eating,
playing again, swimming, eating again,
playing again, eating again, then
settling down to a little snack & Peter Pan....

(p.s.- Josey has a total of 7 "social events" this week including: school parties, Field Day, Birthday parties, & Ballet parties. Please excuse my lack of enthusiasm by the time Friday rolls around!!!!)

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