Wednesday, May 06, 2009

"Kristy is coming!!!"

As many of you know my BFF Kristy is pregnant & due very near my b-day!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for her & her precious hubby Dean. Anyway they are stopping by this weekend on their way to the beach (one last little get-away pre-baby) to stay with us. Josey & I are hosting a little welcome Baby Boy Booth party on Sunday. Joey cannot believe that the guest list just consists of the 4 of us & the 2 of them. I have gotten a little out of control to say the least, but what can I say??? She is my BFF & she deserves to be spoiled. Today I have been in bow making mode- but not the hair kind!!!! My poor sewing room has been reduced to you guessed it... storage! I promise to take lots of pictures & share. gotta run- be blessed!!!!!

I hope that 8 giant bows are
enough- ha ha!!!!
(I'm gonna make her tote one
of these babies back to IN
for her front door)

these are just a few little
things that we have picked up
over the last few months-
I'm actually going out
tonight to get her real gift!!

this is Kristy with Josey-
she came down 2 times to stay with
me & help out with Priss.
I can remember us talking about
having babies back in college-
I love that we get to see
each others dreams come true!

please keep them in your prayers. May their trip be safe, restful, & full of great memories. We love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. You are way too good to me!! :) I can't believe you made all of those bows!! I love them!! Of course, I'm taking them home! How fun will those be on my door AND my mailbox!!?
    I'm so excited to see you guys and to finally meet little A-man! You are such a sweet sweet friend! THANK YOU for loving on me and baby booth!!
    love ya!