Friday, May 01, 2009

"Welcome MAY & the fruits"

I cannot believe that May is already here??? It means that school will soon be out- yeah!!!! Summer is just around the corner- yeah!!!!! Babies are coming- yeah!!!! My Priss reminded me- "Momma I have to tell you something that will make you cry your eyes out. On my very next birthday I'm gonna need 2 hands to show you how old I am." My Priss is turning 6- boo!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are planning a super fun pool-party though- yeah!!!! Anyways Joey, Priss, & I were discussing the fruits of the spirit- you know; love-joy-peace-patience-goodness-kindness-gentleness-faithfulness-self control..... We decided to tell the others which ones that we thought they possessed- what a blessing that was. Just to think that someone actually thought that I was patient, kind, & full of joy (thanks Priss)!!!!! Joey was many of them- good, kind, peaceful, loving, & patient. Josey was ALL of them- she really is. Joey & I decided that she really possesses all that God desires us to be. She was so humble over the whole thing- holding her little hand over in mouth in dis-belief...... I sometimes wonder of GOD sits back & smiles over His creations??? If so I know that he was smiling last night!!!!!!

"can you believe that I have my
first car @ age 5 Momma?"

this was her response to this gift
from Cooner & Papaw...

this is A-man
I think that he has the
cutest little manly body...
I love his chunky-monkey
wrists & ankles....

I had to show you how
precious these look in
navy with aqua ribbon...

I hope that Hannah Mae &
her little sister Anna enjoy them!!


  1. yep,i can say it for sure that the Huge girls LOVE their dresses.....and you are getting even more famous..look for your hairclips in a Tina Wrona photo shoot taken on thursday...HM is sporting your "A" creation I bought downtown!!!!!!!!!!!!1 woooohooooo love it....

  2. Ashly I am so proud to be your MOM

  3. My Ashly & My Priss 2 of my favorite girls.. I am so proud of my little Ballet Prima Ballerina. So beautiful. I love the picture I would love a big one to frame. My computer is without a printer at this time. I showed Precious & she loved it. Cooner your neatness & your details in all you do anyone would love all you make'''''''''''''So proud of you. Hope they call you for more......LOVE MOM