Monday, May 04, 2009

"I love you PICKLE"

We have many... many silly sayings & traditions in our house. We always run to the front door & wave to the others leaving (I hate being the one left- it is much easier being the one leaving..), we all get onto my bed after bath-time & watch "little house on the prairie", & we ALL secretly want to be loved "pickle". PICKLE simply means the MOST that you can possibly be loved. You know like when someone says "I love you all the way around the world", then someone says "well I love you all the way around the world & back again". Well the only way to trump that is... "well I love you PICKLE". It is the supreme love in our house & as Corny as it sounds... I like it! So rewind to yesterday. We went into the city (Raleigh) after church to get lunch & shop-yeah!!!! I love just hanging out with my cute family. The boys had their little matching shirts on- so cute & I love having no real agenda so I can just relax & enjoy. The evening ended not so relaxing though- Joey got dropped off for a meeting, it was dinner time, the car was packed with shopping stuff & groceries, & it was bath-time!!!! (am I painting a relaxing picture to you???) Anyway neurotic me was going full speed ahead. Everything finally got done & I was just sitting down to relax when Priss called out- AGAIN. This time I walked over to the steps & for some reason (thankfully) regained composer to say very calmly "yes." "I love you pickle Momma." I just stood there with tiny stinging tears in my eyes, "did you hear me momma? I wanted you to know that today, I love you PICKLE o-kay?" "O-kay my love, but tomorrow I get to love you more.." I whispered back.... I love her!!!!!!!!!!!

this is my little monkeys
showing me that they get the
gesture that
I gave them
while Joey
was on the phone
(I can't tell if was sassy or not?)

this is my little Priss reading
her little
take-home reader.
I am so proud of her!!!

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