Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"tea for two"

Yesterday Priss & I went on a very special "girls day out". We love tea rooms & were dying to try a new one that just opened up. We left the boys @ home and headed down town to here:

Lady Bedford's Tea Parlour
it is just as beautiful inside
as this pretty view from the outside
& the service was excellent!!

We chose the
"mommy & me tea"
& it was FABULOUS!!!
she first chose a seat
on the super fun cozy chair,
then asked if she could join
me on the chaise-
(I secretly was hoping that she
might change her mind...)

We nibbled & talked
just like the big girls.
She & I decided to try
to make this a monthly
tradition- I love to do
girly things with someone
who adores it too!!!!

She noticed this little treasure
box on the way in...
I gave it to her in the car
on the way home. It quickly
took its place among her most
prized possessions-
high above where her little brother
might be able to reach.

when I tucked her into bed, she said, "Momma I had the best day ever!!!" I think that may warrant another visit even sooner...

"the Lord is good to ALL, He has compassion on ALL He has made."
~Psalms 145:8-9~

(p.s. I finally fixed the comment code & you no longer have to have an account to leave one... yeah!!!!!)

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