Friday, May 22, 2009

"where you live Fridays-3"

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It's Friday- YEAH!!! I am busy getting ready for a little Memorial Day get-together here @ Harris House. But..... Kelly is busy busy too- touring "dining rooms" this week. Hope ya'll enjoy- have a great/safe weekend......

I went with a rich gold & blue-
Joey painted the tray ceiling & the back of the
hutch 1 shade darker than the walls..
(try to look past the poor pink chairs- usually this
would be a plus in my book, but not in my GOLD
dining room- this little project is on my to-do list!!!

the curtains are gold silk- I LOVE them-
I feel grown-up in this
royal feeling room.
It makes me remember
using the "good"
china & silver when I was
Priss loves to break out the "good" stuff!!!

this is the built-in hutch-
for now I have my white/Ironstone displayed,
but I am thinking of painting
all the
white.... BLACK??????

I found this little gem
(& her sister
who is hanging on the opposite wall)
in an antique store... I think that
she is fabulous-
plus she weighs 50lb
so Joey refused
to relocate her elsewhere....

this is my PRIDE & JOY!!!
she came with the house- all brassy gold with NO frills-
Catherine & I sprayed her black, then added some
rub-a-gold (great stuff), next
we drilled holes & added
she is SOOO much prettier in person!!! moral
to the story...
NEVER throw away a chandelier-
they can be transformed into something

way better than you can imagine....

I want to take a minute to say.... How thankful that I am for the men/women who served our country & have lost their lives for us!!!!!!!!!!!! So on this Monday, as many of us will be home with spouses off work- let us remember those who are not home with theirs...

"God does not prevent heartbreak, He meets us in it. He does not pretend we are well, He humbles & heals us.."


  1. Your dining room is gorgeous! I love your DIY chandelier. It turned out so well.

  2. Awesome Dining Room....I love your built-ins. Thanks for sharing !!

  3. I love it that you have color on the back of your built-ins! It adds so much!

  4. Love the chandelier- I have spray painted one and it is not bad. How did you attach the crystals?

  5. thanks so much for the sweet thoughts!!!
    I love to tour homes- can't wait to show off the kiddos' rooms next week!!!

    P.S. Paige- I used a tiny drill bit (used for jewelry, I think??) & made holes. Then restrung crystals that I bought @ a consignment shop (from an old lamp).