Friday, May 15, 2009

"where you live Fridays-2"

(click on the picture to go to Kelly's)

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!! so that means: I am getting ready for Friday night dinner- yeah, Joey & I are gonna watch "Bride Wars" for our date-night-in (I'm guessing you know whose turn it was to choose on Net-flix), I have to work tomorrow- boo (No I am really thankful that I get to choose to work 1 day a week. I do LOVE my job), & we are touring homes again @ Kelly's Korner- YEAH!!!!!!!! This week she wants to see guest rooms??? Our "guest room" is a bit of a "catch all"- but I love to play along.... Be blessed- see ya'll back here on Monday!!!

this little room is the:
place company stays (tucked away
in the pretty covered trunk- holds their
DELUXE overnight accommodations-
air mattress), room where my children read,
foyer to my sewing room (closet really),
room where I BLOG- YEAH for ME,
wrestling room for the boys, quiet
room when a new Veranda comes
in the mail for me, school room for Priss
& my grand-daughter-dolls, tea parlor
for Priss & I weekly, and
much MUCH more!!!

"they called upon the Lord, & He answered them..."
~Psalms 99:6~


  1. Dearest I have tried 3 times to post comment. Any who I love your home decor the colors the richness of fabrics the trims are great & Ashtons cars in the makeup drawer are too sweet.. Rest up & eat. LOVE MOM

  2. Very nice! I love the colors!

  3. Very pretty, love the couch. Thanks for the tour!

  4. Your blue sofa is gorgeous! :)
    ~Beautiful guest room.

  5. Very pretty room! I love that couch - thanks for having us :-)