Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Happy Mother's Day"

I hope that this little post finds ALL you dear mothers out there well & blessed. This year I am celebrating both being a mother & having an awesome one- thanks be to COONER!!!! She really is what I want to be when I get big. I can remember her sending me cards in the mail from my cabbage patch dolls for this blessed occasion- & that's just 1 reason why I love her so. I also wanted to share this little poem written by My Aunt Betty in honor of my Grandma Hord (Cooner's mom) & all of the other great moms that have gone to be with Jesus.....

who gave you birth
after 9 long months?
who changed your diapers
and fed you?

who doctored you through
all the sicknesses you had?
who lost sleep
watching over you?

who washed all you clothes
and fixed all your meals?
who loved you better
than any other?

who is the best friend
that you will ever have?
I'll tell you
it's your mother.

when your mother is gone
the pain is so bad
you think you can never survive.
so whatever you do,
show her your love
everyday while she is alive.

you can never repay her
for all she has done
and she'll never ask
you to.

little things mean so
much to moms,
and there's lots
that you can do.

our hearts are torn out
cause we lost our mom
and we know we'll
never have another.

so God up in heaven
please hear our prayers
and take good care
of our mother.

take time out today to tell a mother "thank you"- she is part of the reason you are who you are......... you never know when you will not have the opportunity to say it again. So to this I say....

(from one mother to another-
you gals are the greatest & I am
blessed to have known both of you)

this is the 1st official photo of
~Josey & I~
my water broke 2 days before Cooner
was to come... I remember when the nurse
told me that my baby was coming, I said
"but my mom won't be here until Wed."
I felt like I was 12 yrs old...
(July 29th 2003- I became a Momma!!!)

this is the 1st official photo of
~Ashton & I~
I didn't get to hold
him for 4 LONG days
so this was a moment
that I will NEVER forget...
Joey took this with his phone, it
is a little blurry- but to me it's
(April 21st 2007- I became a Momma again!!)

"the Lord is faithful in ALL of His promises"
~Psalms 145:13~

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