Thursday, May 07, 2009

"thankful THURSDAYS.."

I don't know about ya'll, but I have LOTS to be thankful for. soooooo I have decided to make time every week for "thankful Thursdays". I will post about what I am thinking about, why I am thankful for it, & you can join right along with me. Who knows we could just sweep the nation with good thoughts of thankfulness if we aren't careful??? Alright so today I am thankful for:

1. Jesus- of course!!! He is the reason we get all these wonderful blessings!!
2. my sweet husband- who asks me before he gets into bed for the final time if I need anything..... I love that about him!
3. my kiddos- they make me smile just thinking of them....
4. my friends- you gals had no clue what you had signed up for when you met me- but you are the best!
5. happiness is found in the most unlikely of places- did you know that Sunday May 10th is Mother's Day??? (If not- shame on you...) & I have had the pleasure of celebrating it for the last 5 yrs!!!!!!! I L-O-V-E being a mom & although being a mom sometimes is a thankless job- it has far exceeded my wildest dreams.....

here are some oldies but goodies....

don't you love the shirt?
I mean really..
who couldn't love this little monkey???
(I wish that it still fit..)

I loved these little overalls...
She got millions of compliments
on them- so cute...
(I wish these still fit too...)

can't wait to see what ya'll are thankful for- be blessed!!!!!!!!!!

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