Thursday, May 28, 2009

"thankful THURSDAYS-4.."

Today I am thankful for a WONDERFUL year @ school with 2 AWESOME teachers!! Tomorrow if her last day of kindergarten & I don't know how to feel about that!!!!! We have had an extra busy week this week, but Josey has been her usual self (up for any social challenge). She is now a rising 1st grader- BOO!!! She is 3 inches taller- BOO!!! She can read almost anything (including speed limit signs- BOO for Joey)!!! Most importantly she has maintained EXCELLENT behavior ALL year (warranting GREEN stars everyday)!!!! We are sooo proud of you little Priss.

from the 1st week of Kindergarten...

from the last week of Kindergarten...

pics from her Kindergarten Pizza Party... guess who loved having all the attention of his sister's classmates???

well gotta run- Ashton & I are off to Josey's Field Day...............

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