Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"you use WHAT??"

Okay, so toss out your chlorine bleach, Windex, & Comet. Say goodbye to Formula 409, antibacterial gel, & wipes. Bid adieu to terrible fumes & cancer-causing agents. And say hello to natural ways to clean your house & body that work as well as store bought products...and won't break the bank!

In attempt to GO GREEN- I am starting to try some new things??? Here are some of
my own favorite cleaning ideas. Enjoy!

Vinegar: Just plain old white vinegar cleans seriously just about everything. I could not clean without it. It cuts grease, removes stains and gets the streaks and fingerprints off of my stainless steel refrigerator door. Vinegar's infamous strong smell dissipates as the vinegar dries- I PROMISE!!! (and if you put 1/2 cup in bath water- it takes the sting out of a sunburn- I grew up with this little trick.... thanks be to Cooner!!!)

Lemon juice:
The acid in lemon juice neutralizes hard water deposits, dissolves buildup & dirt on wood and removes tarnish on silver. Lemon juice also removes perspiration & other stains from clothing and is a bleach alternative. (save the rinds to put in the garbage disposal- after you run it, it makes your house smell wonderful!!!)

Baking soda: Another cleaning supply I could not live without. It's totally all-purpose and non-toxic. Sure it deodorizes refrigerators, but it also cleans, removes stains, and softens fabrics. It even rids clothes of perspiration odors! Try adding a 1/2 cup to your next load of laundry. Baking soda works as a non-abrasive scouring cleaner on counter-tops & ovens and in bathtubs & sinks. I also sprinkle some onto my carpet before I vacuum.

: An abrasive. Get scrubbing!

Tea tree oil:
This is a natural antiseptic and also functions as a fungicide and keeps mold at bay. I just add 2 teaspoons of tea tree oil to 2 cups of water and keep in a spray bottle to use for household cleaning. Tea tree oil also works wonders when applied to the skin in full strength to cuts, abrasions, eczema patches & insect bites!

: A mild abrasive. And oh so minty fresh. (great for jewelry)

Walnuts: Yes, you heard me correctly. Use the meat of a walnut to rub on scratches in wood. (this works great when one kiddo raced his cars in such a way to create a permanent race track on our sofa table....)

since we are on the subject of saving $$-
this little dress came home with us from wally
@ the tune of $6.oo
(they have several that are precious-
go & scoop some up for now or later)


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  4. I Love everything you make Ashley.