Tuesday, May 05, 2009

"hurry back IN folks!!"

My parents have been gone for just over 2 weeks & we miss them desperately. The children were TOTALLY spoiled out of the their minds (Ashton got to take morning, afternoon, & nightly walks with Papaw; and with even the mention of ice-cream Josey was whisked off to Cold Stone). Little ol' me got the royal treatment too... Cooner cooked up the most delicious breakfasts, lunches, & dinners (why is it that anothers food always tastes superior to your cooking). Anyway just wanted to say- if you have family near & you think that you wanna move... you really don't. Be thankful that you have family near to you- ENJOY them! I would love to be able to hang out with Cooner at a moments notice or to go to one of my nephew's baseball games.... But for now, I know that this is where the Lord wants us. He does know best!

this is one of the many fabulous meals
Cooner served us!!
pork & sirloin kabobs with garden green
& potatoes (you can't even see the
homemade angle food cake
with cream cheese icing)

this is 1 of the 1,000,000 kisses
that A-man planted
on Daddy...
I bet he misses
those little slobbery suckers!

we love you guys..... hurry back now, ya hear?????


  1. Royal treatment? Don't you get the royal treatment everyday from me? Love you pickle...J

  2. Dearest, Just read your blog & saw our pictures. Wish I looked better. Anyway I am resting for tonight Our May Tea. I wish you were here going w/me. 5 women showed up & helped & I got out of there in time to come home go back in & get Daddy some bell pepper plants come back & do this. Tried to call you 4 times today. Jaylee Kay (Precious is playing ball tonite Papaw is going oue Tea starts at 530p We have a lesson & we are having people who make neckles & quilters things etc.Best run LOVE YOU ALL PICKLES & I MISS YOU ALL TOO MOM

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment today. I am so glad I'm doing this giveaway because I have gotten to find some precious people like yourself. I am a pink girl, too, so feel right at home here on your blog. I do love it when my or my husband's parents come to visit. My MIL comes right in to tackle the laundry, and it is comforting to hear the washer and dryer in constant use while she is here!