Friday, May 08, 2009

"where you live Fridays"

Alright so for the next few Fridays I'm gonna link up over @ Kelly's Korner for a tour of homes. I love to get ideas for Harris House!!!! So today we are looking @ living rooms & since I'm having company this weekend (my floors are clean) & I'm in!!!. Have a great weekend!!!!!

this is my favorite view of the living room-
pictures of my kiddos!!!!

(although everyone thinks that its me & Joey).
I just got little A-man's back & framed!!!!

I love this fire place screen-
I found it
in an antique store in complete dis-repair.
It is amazing
what spray paint can do!!

try to look past my poor sofa & pillows-
I do plan to make new ones someday
(when my little ones are a little
more appreciative of silk & tassels!!)

these are botanical prints that
Catherine & I finished with Wally
for a fraction of the designer cost!!!
I love being frugal when it turns out so beautiful!!!!

just another angle...
I love adding a little black to
every room- it has such impact!
also my bookshelves are packed
FULL of priceless treasures of mine-
(up & out of reach!!!)

I just read ~Psalms 145:20~
"the Lord watches over ALL who love Him". Isn't that amazing??? Be blessed today, just knowing that He wants to pour out His blessings on you......

now go on over for some eye-candy @ Kelly's place!!!


  1. I love all the antiques and the oval portraits.

  2. i like the red in the back of your bookcases!

  3. Love your bookcases! Thanks for sharing :0) Amber

  4. Very pretty - love your red accessories!

  5. Wow! Pretty! I LOVE that mirror above the fireplace - it's the perfect dose of drama!!