Friday, April 10, 2009

"the Apple-pie gang"

Do ya'll remember the "pay it forward" post & our little family project? Well..... we FINISHED!!!! The jar was to be filled with "good deeds". Now this task was much harder than it may seem. You see, "good deeds" are NOT things that you should be doing anyway- ie: sharing toys with siblings, picking up messes, eating ALL of your dinner without protest, etc. The jar creeped along until....

finally it could not hold another
"good deed"

So in the spirit of letting our "yes" mean "yes". We did something fun to celebrate our HUGE accomplishment. We took an afternoon off & went to the Zoo. I think that the Zoo is one of those places that you make really FUN in your mind, then realize once you get there why you only go every 3 years.... Am I alone with this sad realization? If so.. well then bless my poor little children's hearts cause we do not have another trip planned anytime in the near future. We made some fun memories together & I must admit that I could have fun anywhere with my sweet family.

this was the MUCH anticipated
Carousel ride- (Joey insisted riding with
her this time, but forgot
he gets motion sick..)

this is A-man during the ride.
He would
have LOVED it!!!

this is Joey & Josey after eating
looking @ the monkeys.

this is Ashton-
during the ice-cream..
poor little guy, don't you
worry though cause his Momma
packed him some fun treats just
in case this may happen!!!!

this is him again-
just waking up in time to run to the car....

Alright so my hunky husband is a BIG pie fan. He loves raspberry, blueberry, peach, pumpkin, blackberry, pineapple, cherry, apple, and any other kind that I would bake for him. I grew up with pie- so it is not as big a deal to me, but WOW is it to him. Josey & Ashton share in their daddy's pie obsession. I wish that you could have seen my family devour this poor creation..... Life is better with Pie in it!!!

this was Joey's little "prize"
for all of his good deeds...

p.s. Cooner is flying in today & my sweet Joey is leaving.... It seems that I rarely get ALL of the ones that I love together @ the same time. Anyway... please pray that Cooner has a safe flight & that my Joey has a safe trip to Haiti (he is going on another medical brigade). May God bless him & use him for HIS glory. And... get him home safe to us very soon.

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