Thursday, April 02, 2009

"the towel tutorial"

ok as promised here is the 1st in a series of super-cute projects: I love this one because it is a need @ our house & you can make one for $3.50...... Do I have your attention now????


this is what you will need:
1 bath towel , 1 hand towel,
& your sewing machine..
(you could sew by hand- but
I think that machine sewing
much faster & more sturdy!!

cut the hand towel into
2 equal parts
(1 towel will make 2 hoods)

next fold one piece of the
1/2 together & sew the edge
this makes the "hood"

pin the "hood" to the
top of the towel in the
center & sew the seams together.

TA DA.....
I personalized them
with a little paint
(cars & polka dots of course)
they are cute without anything-
I just like the little extras.

I think that I'll add these little gems to their Easter baskets along with some new swimsuits... (this would be a great Pool Towel). What a great birthday gift for someones child! I mean really $3.50 & only takes 15 minutes- you gotta make one!!!!!

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