Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"yeah for us"

Yeah!!! Cooner is here & I love having her ALL to myself.... BOO!!! Joey is gone, but praise GOD- he has e-mailed that he is there & settled. We are keeping busy with projects & cooking- Cooner is the very BEST cook that I know (many of you can attest in my boasting). We are planning a meal for our dear friends that just had a baby. I remember well how wonderful it was to get meals after the children were born. Jodi requested "chicken kiev"- so I googled it & I'll let you know how it turns out (I think I may delegate that to Cooner- she loves a challenge).

this is a "sweets" basket to go along with the meal.
My girlfriend Susan gave
me a basket
to keep with my
meal after Ashton & I still use it!!!!!
(p.s. now is the best time to get baskets @ 75% off)

this is Cooner & Josey making
a Spring wreath for my door.
Did I mention how much I
love having her here???

Isn't it FABULOUS??
It will be a sweet welcome
to Joey this weekend!!

thank you Cooner for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! We love you tons & tons.......

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