Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"July 4th fun"

My little princess L-O-V-E-S flip-flops, so I decided to trick some out. I know that the 4th of July seems far away, but it will be here before I know it. They turned out so cute that I had to share. SOOO without further delay- get your glue guns ready & your oven pre-heated to 200 degrees????
(I forget what # we are on in my craft series)

July 4th Flip-Flops

this is what you need:
flip-flops of course (mine are
from the dollar tree), ribbon
(red, white, & blue) a 1/4 inch
dowel rod & your glue gun.

pre-heat your oven
to 200 degrees. wrap the
ribbon around a dowel rod (taping
each end) & bake for 15 min.

after you finish rolling, baking,
& removing your ribbon curls-
cut them into equal parts &
finish the ends with fray-check.

make your base bow with a
larger ribbon (I chose a
flag & it looks great with
the other little ones)
Next add the ribbon curls
to the base bow then tie
on with a small piece of ribbon.
finally hot glue the back to
finish it up!!!

TA DA!!!
these will look precious
with a sweet sundress
during the fireworks
(I of course made a matching
hair-bow too- I can't
help it, it's who I am!!)

p.s.- it doesn't have to be July 4th to sport your red, white, & blue. I'm sure that Priss will have these babies broken in before the week is done. We all need to show support for our Country everyday!!!!!!!!!!!! I grew up in a family of Veterans where I learned to respect the flag & what it stands for (The Star Spangle Banner- always makes me cry)! We have lots of military friends currently deployed or will soon be. I pray a prayer of safety over them & their families. May we be quick to answer their call for help if they need ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. wow- i had no idea you could "bake" ribbon!! that is so cool how it turns out! i LOVE the flops-so stinkin' cute. You need to be showing these to your boutique owner as well! she'll go crazy over them! you are very very talented my friend! love ya!