Monday, April 13, 2009

"the 15 minute DRESS"

Alright now- this is part 3 in my Super Cute Craft Series & you are going to L-O-V-E this one!!!! This little darling thing takes about 15 minutes & it only costs $4.oo (with Michaels coupons). Your little sweetie will be the belle of the ball in this number & you can take all of the credit....


this is what you need:
2 bandannas, ribbon,
your sewing machine.

lay out the bandannas on top of eachother-
writing @
the top & right sides together.
Next measure down (from the top/writing
7 1/2 inches & pin it.
(now Cooner
if you are reading
this YES I used ALL
of those pins-
she NEVER pins when she sews..)
do the exact same thing to the other side
& sew both from 7 1/2 inch
mark to
the bottom.

next measure 1 1/2 inches
down from
the top/writing side,
evenly across, & stitch across (do the exact
same thing to
the other side)

next measure out 2 pieces of ribbon
each 40 inches
long & burn the edges
to prevent
fraying- then thread
through the
1 1/2 inch seam on both sides.

what did I tell you??

this is the little Easter one
that I made for the egg hunt.
(you will have enough ribbon
left over to make a matching
hair bow too!!)

If you have any questions- let me know. GO FOR IT & GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!


  1. my heart is THRILLED to see these. I am so glad they turned out so fabulous!!! makes me want to crank out my sewing machine,......hummmmmmmmm

  2. Ashly, This is sooo cute! It made me want to crack out the sewing machine- which I have never used! The last time I sewed was Mrs. Bucher's Home Ec class!! But this is too adorable not to try. I swear you are the most creative person I know!!!

  3. wow smash! you were right-these are the cutest things ever. :) too bad, it still looks way too complicated for me. :) and I think my baby boy would look a little funny! good thing I have you for a bestie when I have a baby girl!
    love ya!! come over please!

  4. Traci O'RourkeAugust 16, 2009 at 5:51 AM

    Ashly, Can you translate this with using actual material instead of Bandanas? I love these dresses. I miss you all. Lauran was with me for a few days. I am glad you are blogging. Tiernan starts Kindergarten tomorrow. (He doesn't even want us taking him to the bus stop!) I hope you are well.

    Traci O'Rourke