Monday, April 06, 2009

"Spring Hair Clips"

Here we go again... part 2 in my Super Cute Craft Series!!! This time we are making something for Spring & Easter. I love these because they look precious in, they are each handmade originals, & they are fun to make with your most girly kiddo!!! I got all the supplies @ Wal-mart to make these little sweeties with. This is a NO SEW project so you have NO excuse why you shouldn't make some. They are addicting though- watch out!!!

Spring Hair Clips

this is what you need:
ribbon, felt, silk flowers, stickers,
glue gun, scrap-booking brads,
& a little creativity!

first you take apart the silk flowers
(they already have a hole in the center)

next you layer the flowers,
then you add the brad
& whatever else you want!!!

next you cut a piece of ribbon the
entire length of the clip
& glue it on.
Add the flower/creation
to the
clip- it is as simple as that!

they are simply PRECIOUS..
I especially love them because they
are perfect to pull Josey's
back with everyday & they can be
made for special occasions
(Easter & Birthdays)

I took it to the next level
adding a piece of card stock-
I just cut it out using fancy scissors

then cut a slit in it to display the clips in-
this is an ideal
way to give them as gifts!!!

the only thing that I do not like about them is.. they are ALL so darn cute that I want to keep them ALL!!!! But I have some super sweet girls in mind & I can't wait to see them model the little gems!!!!!

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