Tuesday, April 07, 2009

"the votes are in"

As a mother I love practical gifts for my kiddos- clothing, bedding, etc. But- the grandparents do not approve of this??? I don't know why, but I digress. I guess it is exciting to see them open a fun toy as opposed to a fun down comforter? Maybe I am getting my wish list mixed up with theirs? Anyway, I am compiling a list of some of the best gifts given to my children- some that I chose & some that were completely by surprise. They are adored @ Harris House and played with almost EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!


the fancier the better- we do
not stop here until it's gaudy!!!
I hope that she never out-grows it...

Lucy Danyell- of course!!
American Girl stuff is always acceptable.
She loves the books, the clothes, (hers and for
her Lucy) & of course the dolls.

you can NEVER for wrong with
craft stuff- she adores ALL of it..
Her desk is full of all kinds of fun

She has only recently been
exposed to the world of
"cash & gift cards"- she
loves putting it in her bank
and using her "own monies"


We bought this for Josey for her
2nd b-day. Now they both play with
it EVERYDAY!! I must admit that I too
have been know to whip up
something fun here on occasion!!
(its one of those timeless toys)

these are little wooden foods-
(click to enlarge) they are precious.
Grandma Harris introduced us to them
years ago- now both love to play
with them. (some are very little-
A-man just gets to play with
the bigger ones now). They make
cooking sooo fun for them!!!!


Ashton LOVES cars!!!
any and all kinds- but these are
his favorites. "Automoblox"
you can switch the tops, wheels,
people, and entire body of the
car around to make different
ones. He would play with these
for hours if I would let him!!

this is his Pirate ship-
(from Grandma Harris)
he first played with it @ our
neighbors house- (thanks Noah)
he LOVES it- I think that is super fun.
Josey & I pretend to be
"girl pirates " right along side him!!

this is his new love,
his "bug box"!!!
(from Cooner's voyage)
he is such a boy- I guess I need
not say anything about the fact
that he likes all things creepy!!!

Josey's wish list: (great ideas for any girly girl 5 & up)
1. anything PINK
2. Bare Minerals make-up- although I have that covered, I have started saving my old containers for her. I almost have a complete set to give her....
3. American Girl matching swimsuits for her & Lucy Danyell
4. shoes with heels
5. a camera
6. new paper, stickers, markers, paints, etc......
7. board games
8. books

Ashton's wish list: (great ideas for any ALL Boy-boy 1 & up)
1. anything with cars
2. anything dangerous
3. GI JOE stuff
4. crayola wonders paint/markers
5. boy movies- he doesn't get into the whole Princess thing (we have a surplus of those kind)
6. ball caps- he wants to wear them everywhere!
7. books
8. flashlights

hope that this helps you choose some great gifts for the ones you love. Let me know if you have any other fun suggestions?????

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