Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"take a time-out"

I had one of those moments last night! You know the ones where you stop & realize that you are living in "the good ol' days". Cooner used to tell me stories of her childhood, and I wished so badly to live way back then. Well... we are!!! My kiddos are growing up so fast. I want them to remember their good ol' days & how much their Momma loved them!!!!!!!

this is A-man feeding his little frog.
He sleeps with this precious thing EVERY night!!
If Joey
or I forget to put him in the crib-
we are quickly reminded & he takes
his place tucked under Ashton's
right arm ALL night long...

this is a sweet memory of
the two of them very
intently watching a movie
together. They really get along
very well- we are very blessed!!

I had to add another snap
shot of the little ballerina.
Did I mention that she
did beautifully????
SHE DID!!!!!

take some great advice from me & take a time-out today. Sit & watch them play, listen to them read to their dolls, watch as they build a giant castle with cars. You will be glad that you did- I promise!!!!!!! Someday- many "sleeps" (our reference to time) from now, they will want to hear all about these days. So until then- I want to make the most of today.....

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