Monday, April 20, 2009

"2 sweet Spirits"

I had to show you 2 of my favorite
wearing my little hair clips..
Aren't they precious?

I want to take a minute to say THANK you to my sweet friend Jenny (momma to Hannah Mae-above with Priss). She is such a breath of fresh air to me as well as to my Priss. Josey said to me today "Momma Miss Jenny is a really good Momma just like you." "Yes she is Precious, her children are very blessed to have her" I replied. "Yes Mam & we are blessed too right, cause Jesus gave her to us too right?" "Absolutely", I agreed. I love the sweet, pure, innocent truth that children speak. They are very quick to compliment others- I wish we all thought like they do!!

PRAISE GOD- Joey is home safe & sound. He is a little under the weather though??? I think his american stomach got accustomed to GOAT meat in Haiti....
The Party was a HUGE success- I will post about it when we get put back together. Be blessed!!!

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