Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Happy Easter-Past"

I couldn't resist taking a trip with you down our little bunny trail from days past. My kiddos will want to see themselves one day @ Easter time. I hope they remember why we are celebrating & know the great sacrifice made for them. Why it had to happen & why we should be thankful EVERYDAY!!! How in our house Easter means much more than egg hunts & baskets!!! It means the Lord has risen- He has risen indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Easter 2004

Easter 2005

Easter 2006

Easter 2007

another from 2007
(I can't leave out my
little Ashton on the way!)

Easter 2008

"therefore go and make disciples of all the nations"
Matthew~ 28:19

(don't forget to remember HIM in your Easter plans this year)

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